Hatt Kelley's Creative Conspiracy

A thousand welcomes to my shop, Creative Conspiracy. I am Hatt Kelley and I am thrilled you found me.

I have always been aware of other dimensions. Even as a kid, I was having a love affair with Spirit. I know much more than I can put into words which is why I paint. It is the closest I can come to conveying the love and joy that is our birthright. We matter. What we do, feel, believe matters. We are Love; it is the energy that keeps the quarks circling in our inner space.

As I write these words I am almost dancing with frustration because they do not convey the magnificence of who we truly are. Have I always known this? No way! Somedays, I still don’t know it! Which is another reason I paint. The paintings are talismans. Many of them are layered with blessings and prayers.  You will know the piece that is meant for you by how it makes you feel. Your piece will remind you of who you are at your most brilliant, and help you conspire to create your best life.

You will notice that there is a variety of work, from small pieces intended to bless your work space or home altar to large wall pieces, from irreverent images to mystic symbolism. The techniques employed and the prices vary in my desire to make the work available to as many as possible. All the work is original and one of a kind- just like you! Some of the images are included in my book, #creativedevotion, also available here.  Join the conspiracy! The world needs you! Love awaits!