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Author: Hatt Kelley

Category: Poetry, Art, Spirituality


About the book: 

Hatt Kelley's collection of original, divinely inspired art and poetry has been praised as, "a new Hippocratic Oath for the holy healers, modern mystics and seekers of grace." She celebrates both the mundane and the magnificent with the beauty and power of her words and images. This book is for all those who wish to use spiritual practices to promote understanding, healing, growth and joy.


“Creative Devotion is a deep dive into that numinous intersection between earth and spirit. Ordinary and non-ordinary reality. The sacred and the mundane… give yourself the supreme gift of allowing this beautiful book to take you on a tender journey into the healing power of love, revelation and wonder. “- Chris Zydel  

The creatures who create are the ones who show us the way, holding the light of their work up so that we might see ourselves + each other + the road forward with greater clarity and deeper goodness. What Hatt has managed to do is more than simply shining a light. She has, instead, handed us with a set of skeleton keys that slide deftly across the tumblers of our inner locks, releasing more of our humanity one potent-and-palpable click at a time.” - Fabeku Fatunmise


“Beautiful artwork and poetry that I will refer to again. I've already started dog-earing pages.”

--Lisa Davis, Amazon review

“Beautiful and heartfelt. An exploration of spirit and celebration of joy on every page.”

--Poetry Fan, Amazon Review

About the Author:

Hatt (Harriett) Kelley is a hairstylist whose spirituality was radicalized at the beginning of the AIDS pandemic in San Francisco. As an energy minister ordained by the Church of Natural Grace, and a Franciscan, she worked as a chaplain at UCSF Medical Center. She teaches spiritual practices to promote healing, growth, creativity and joy. Hatt also works with individuals offering a unique blend of spiritual counseling and irreverent humor. Hatt lives in San Francisco with her husband of 30+ years, Tim.

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